Second opinion

Nothing is more secret in a club than the shortlist of players that a club wants to hire. Unfortunately, this secrecy also limits the ability of the club to get outside decision making support. Which hinders sound risk management, as the more reliable data sources like FBM agree with a decision to hire a player, the smaller the risk involved is.

To enable clubs to nevertheless have a second opinion on the players they want to hire, we have developed a way to safeguard the club’s most treasured secrets. There are four safeguards:

  1. Everything we do is covered with a non-disclosure agreement.
  2. Only one person at FBM actually knows the name of the player.
  3. Our analyst team only knows the team they need to analyze without actually knowing the reason why they analyze that particular team.
  4. All data capturing done on behalf of the club is done in a completely new and standalone database and application so that nobody without proper authorization can access it.

All of this allows the club to improve it’s risk management. As the saying goes: don’t risk a lot for a little. Adding a reliable data source like FBM lower the risk of misshires. FBM data allows you to build a better case for which player to hire. FBM helps you make decisions faster and more easily. And finally, FBM helps you justify your decisions towards your board of directors.

The fee for an FBM second opinion is very small. So hiring players without an FBM second opinion is indeed risking a lot for a little. Better to be safe than sorry. When you are ready to work with us, the first step is that we come and visit you to demonstrate how FBM statistics work and to setup the infrastructure for second opinions. Optionally, you might want to start with our no cure no pay consultancy to see what kind of players we find for you, so you can then compare those results with the second opinion of the players you found yourself. To make an appointment for a free demonstration, fill in the form below: