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  • Revealed: Sergio Arribas

    Sergio Arribas had a superstar performance in the Spanish tier #3 with maxed out finishing probability and very high passing game probability and even okayish defending probability. I put him in my shadow team on 19-8-2020 because he had an FBM player score of 6. Now he has an FBM player score of an 8.…

  • Revealed: Ousmane Diomande

    Ousmane Diomande is a very good CB with high defending probability and high passing game probability. He must be great at building up. He even has decent finishing probability for a CB. Replacement value for #Mafra = €2,973,250. So he is very undervalued. Original Tweet 

  • Revealed: David Datro Fofana

    Revealed: David Datro Fofana

    David Datro Fofana is still a very good striker still with maxed out finishing probability. Passing game probability dropped a bit though, although I doubt anyone cares that much about that. Replacement value for Molde = €2,400,753. Original Tweet  David Datro Fofana is a very good striker with maxed out finishing probability and high passing…

  • Revealed: Endrick

    Yet, in the case of Endrick there is 1500 minutes of data which is more than enough. Endrick is a very good striker with maxed out finishing probability and decent decent passing game probability which is quite rare for a striker. Replacement value for Palmeira = €4,069,592. Original Tweet 

  • Revealed: Ilya Zabarnyi

    Ilya Zabarnyi is a good CB. High defensive probalitity and high passing game probability. Original Tweet 

  • Revealed: Jayden Oosterwolde

    Jayden Oosterwolde is an above par LB with high defending probability and a bit of passing game probability and finishing probability. Replacement value for Parma = €2,762,871. So he is slightly undervalued. Original Tweet 

  • Revealed: Mykhaylo Mudryk

    Revealed: Mykhaylo Mudryk

    Mykhaylo Mudryk is a superstar in the Ukraine. His 22/23 stats are even better than his 21/22 stats although his previous FBM chart turned out, once again, to be highly predictive. Maxed finishing + very high passing game. RV for Chelsea = €35,090,464. Original Tweet  Mykhaylo Mudryk is a very good winger with maxed out…

  • Revealed: Amadou Onana

    Revealed: Amadou Onana

    Amadou Onana who is one of my reveals of my shadowlist when Everton paid 35M for him. Virtually I paid 400K for him making me a handsome, but virtual profit. Unfortunately, it seems #Everton has been using Amadou Onana as a CM. His drop in defending probability is probably due to this fact. Replacement value…

  • Revealed: Odilon Kossounou

    Revealed: Odilon Kossounou

    The 2nd reveal of my shadowlist is Odilon Kossounou. I put him on my shadowlist the moment he went to Brugge. When you compare his 2019 chart to 21/22 he improved a bit even though he plays in a much stronger league, but you can also see how much the 2019 chart predicted 21/22 Original…

  • Revealed: Jérémy Doku

    Revealed: Jérémy Doku

    Jérémy Doku is the first player born this century that did well in our FBM data capture model. What I just found out, is that this data isn’t even in Wyscout! High finishing & passing game probability. RV for Rennes = €16,983,588. So they paid a bit too much. FBM shadowlist. Original Tweet