Adding your player to FBM

We work proactively for one European clubs and reactively for about thirty clubs. Proactively means that means that whenever we find a player that fits their requirements, we proactively send the data of that player to the people in charge. Reactively means that the club will regularly send us request to find players.

As we are currently still growing we do not have every single player in our database. If you are a player agent and want to add your players to the FBM system, contact us. For a small fee to cover our costs, we add your players to the FBM system and we provide you with reports on your players. You can use these reports as a trusted third party source to promote your players.

We distinguish four classes of players:

  1. Exceptional players, the best 1% players of every competition.
  2. Good players, the top 25% players minus the top 1%.
  3. Average players, the next 40% of all players.
  4. Bad players, the bottom 34% of all players.

So when you want to add your players to the FBM system, you need to expect that not all of your players will be exceptional players. But for our contacts in the Eredivisie, most average players are an improvement as our system works from the smallest leagues to the biggest.

When we add your player to the FBM system we analyze five matches provided there is video in Wyscout. If not, you need to provide us with video of five matches and the line up for those matches. Once we have done the analyses, then we write the reports and send them to you.

So, let’s work together to see how far your players can go. To contact us either write us an email or fill in the form below: